Waldbröl has been reconnected to the DB railway network! The gap in the rails that had been opened back in 2014 due to the pending construction of the 'Boxberg' roundabout, has been closed again.

 There was new activity on the 'Boxberg Roundabout' construction site ...

 This year the season opening on the Wiehltalbahn was on Easter Monday. The weather was appropriate for mid-April. While there still were scattered showers with a smattering of snowflakes during the first ride in the morning, the weather largely brightened up and was sunny in the afternoon, but still cold.

During the winter the construction works on the 'Boxberg roundabout' in Waldbröl had been suspended, but now they have been resumed.

By Reiner Thies
(Translation from German by Detlef Zirpel/Don Payne)

Wiehl -

As previously announced by Wiehl's mayor Ulrich Stücker, the fresh start concerning the development of the Wiehltalbahn has begun. A first meeting between town administration and railway organisations has already taken place.