Even in the cold season, the active members of the Förderkreis zur Rettung der Wiehltalbahn e.V. are still working on the line. Trees and bushes have to be cut back so that the Bergischer Löwe steam train can continue to travel freely between Osberghausen and Wiehl. This year, the sponsoring organisation was able to engage professional help. A road-rail Unimog from a forestry company in the Münsterland region travelled along the line for several days, clearing sections of track that could not be reached by the Förderkreis's own means.

The road-rail Unimog at work on the trackThe road-rail Unimog at work on the track


Although this action tore a big hole in the Förderkreis's finances, it was absolutely necessary for the safety of the line.Railway enthusiasts who would also like to support our project financially, please refer to our donations page. As a side effect, the section of track between Wiehl and Oberwiehl has also already been cut free. This section of track is now passable again, at least for construction trains.