This year the season opening on the Wiehltalbahn was on Easter Monday. The weather was appropriate for mid-April. While there still were scattered showers with a smattering of snowflakes during the first ride in the morning, the weather largely brightened up and was sunny in the afternoon, but still cold.

Despite the coolish April weather im the upper Berg county a lot of people persuaded themselves to make an Easter excursion and dared to take a ride on the 'Bergischer Löwe' from Dieringhausen to Wiehl. The Easter-decorated, 103-year-old steam locomotive 'Waldbröl' hauled its four 'thunder-boxes' once more with her usual aplomb through the Wiehl valley and let the passengers enjoy the gradually awakening nature.


For the second run on this day the 'Waldbröl' and her four 'thunder-boxes' arrived at Wiehl in bright but coolish spring weather. A lot of passengers (adults and kids alike) took the opportunity for an Easter excursion.


Because of the occasion the 'Waldbröl' wore 'Easter decorations'...