In last years autumn we had still hoped to be able to finish the restoration works on the societie's own SKL before the end of 2020, but Coronavirus also messed up the time table of this project.

There is good news to report from Morsbach in two respects. On the one hand, after lengthy negotiations, an agreement was reached with the municipality on the future design and dimensioning of the station area.

 After a break enforced by the corona pandemic, members of the society resumed the restoration works on the society's own SKL in May 2020. In doing so, the team obtained help from two new co-workers that are not yet members of the society. This will certainly help the restoration to pick up speed.

After an enforced break due to the coronavirus, a second catalogue of suggestions for the reactivation of German railway lines was published by the Society Of German Transportation Companies (VDV). In this catalogue, the Wiehl Valley Railway is ranked among the top three of all examined lines.

'Kömpel' Halt is counted among the less familiar railway stations in the 'Upper Berg County’ (Oberberg). It is part of the branch line of the Wiehl valley railway that leads from Waldbröl-Hermesdorf to Morsbach through the rural Zielenbach valley and is also known as the  Wisser Valley Railway (Wissertalbahn). Currently only maintenance trains of the Wiehl valley railway run on this line.