The 'Bergisches Land National Park' (Sorry, German only!) can be experienced especially intensively by walking. Not just forests and grasslands, half-timbered town centres and reservoirs can be explored this way, but also traces of early settlements, medieval trade routes and of early industrialisation.
Occasionally we offer guided industrial-history tours combined with a train ride, e.g. on  "Public Monuments Day" in September. Please have a look for this in our events calendar.
Herbert Nicke, Rainer Gries and Günter Hundt describe enjoyable walking routes and give background knowledge in their book "Wandern mit der Wiehltalbahn". The walks lead to old quarries and ramparts, for instance. Maps of trails are included in the book, which is available on our trains and at the book-stall for €7.90.
The Wiehltalbahn is part of the “Straße der Arbeit”  or "route of labour".
You can also download maps of trails from the webpage of the “Straße der Arbeit” (Sorry, German only!).
Around Wiehl the power of the Wiehl river is repeatedly made use of for the generation of electricity. Between Oberwiehl and Remperg the 'Gemeinnütziger Verein Oberwiehl (Voluntary Social Action Union of Oberwiehl)' signposted the waterways in the Oberwiehl district.
The "Naturarena Bergisches Land" devotes a chapter of its website to walking in the district (German website with poor online translator).
The maintenance of the walking route network is the responsibility of the 'Sauerländischer Gebirgsverein' (Sorry, German only!).