Even in the cold season, the active members of the Förderkreis zur Rettung der Wiehltalbahn e.V. are still working on the line. Trees and bushes have to be cut back so that the Bergischer Löwe steam train can continue to travel freely between Osberghausen and Wiehl.

  This year, the Wiehl Valley Railway will again take part in the nationwide Open Monument Day. The Wiehl Valley Railway line and its buildings are completely listed. This makes the Wiehl Valley Railway probably the "longest" monument in the Upper Berg (Oberberg) district.

 The Wiehlpark of the future will have a strong magnetic effect on families after the conversion (2021 to 2023) - even stronger than before. This is the promise of the project sponsor - the town of Wiehl.

 Much to the delight of the many children who attended, the time had finally come again on Easter Sunday after more than 3 years of abstinence: The first steam train ran again on the Wiehltalbahn in bright weather - and had little surprises from the Easter Bunny on board for the children, who were very happy about it.

 After 3 years (a "felt eternity"), in which no operation was possible on the Wiehl valley railway due to the Corona pandemic and the bridge fire in Bielstein, it was finally time today: The reopening of the line was on the agenda.