After welcoming all those present, Minister Scharrenbach said that around 100,000 euros had been made available by the state of NRW for volunteers who look after the historical heritage in the field of transport. Without these volunteers and their commitment, it would not have been possible to bring this (Bielstein) railway bridge back into use and open up the line again. Therefore, the funds provided are also a thank you from the NRW State Ministry to all the volunteers who have worked here. They could be really proud of what they have achieved here. She also mentioned that the tourist use of the route should be resumed. One thing was clear - the Wiehl Valley Railway belonged to upper Berg region and if you have a "Lion of the Berg county (bergischer Löwe)", then it has to roar. Therefore, the tourist trips will take place again from Easter and the ministry is looking forward to the further cooperation with the Wiehl Valley Railway.

NRW Minister of Home Affairs Ina Scharrenbach praises the volunteersNRW Minister of Home Affairs Ina Scharrenbach praises the volunteers