At 11:45 a.m., the train set off in the direction of the Wiehl valley. In Osberghausen there was the first (obligatory) stopover to clear the alternative connection point (Awanst) and to switch the points to enter the Wiehl valley railway line. After our special train had passed the points, they were set back to their original position and the RB25 track could be opened for traffic again. 

The train then continued past the loading siding in Osberghausen, where until recently "beetle wood" from the upper Berg region had been loaded and transported to southern Germany, which was unanimously praised by the politicians travelling with the train as a great achievement by the volunteer railwaymen involved.

After a short stop in Weiershagen, where some passengers boarded the train, the journey continued until shortly before the Bielstein railway bridge, which had been restored after the fire. Here the train stopped and a temporary boarding and alighting facility was set up for the dignitaries who were to ceremoniously reopen the bridge. 

The boarding and alighting aid is unloaded ...The boarding and alighting aid is unloaded ...


... and built up.... and built up.