At Easter, the steam train of the "Bergischer Löwe" finally is to steam over the Wiehl Valley Railway between Engelskirchen-Osberghausen and Wiehl again after the corona pandemic and the Bielstein bridge closure. For some time now, the active members of the Förderkreis zur Rettung der Wiehltalbahn e.V. have therefore been working on the line. Now, there was the unusual use of a two-way suction vehicle on the Wiehltalbahn.

 The refurbishment of our Skl 53 work vehicle is another ongoing topic of our work. In the meantime, the reassembly of already refurbished and reconditioned components has begun...

 Timber loading at Osberghausen station for the southern German sawmill continued in 2022, albeit on a smaller scale. continued in 2022, albeit on a smaller scale. Obviously the largest quantities of damaged timber from the Oberberg forests have already been transported away.

 According to our statement in the last annual report in December 2021, the renovation works on the railway bridge across the river Wiehl behind the Zunft-Koelsch brewery in Wiehl-Bielstein ("Zunftbrücke") had actually been completed in December 2021.

 While last year we had still expressed the hope that the commissioning for a new feasibility study for the reintroduction of regular passenger services on the Wiehl Valley Railway could take place in the first quarter of this year and that the first results of the study would be available before the end of the year, this hope has unfortunately vanished into thin air.