'Kömpel' Halt is counted among the less familiar railway stations in the 'Upper Berg County’ (Oberberg). It is part of the branch line of the Wiehl valley railway that leads from Waldbröl-Hermesdorf to Morsbach through the rural Zielenbach valley and is also known as the  Wisser Valley Railway (Wissertalbahn). Currently only maintenance trains of the Wiehl valley railway run on this line.

Attentive walkers have brought the missing station nameboard to the attention of the 'Society For The Preservation Of The Wiehl Valley Railway'. Chairman Gerhard Mansel said: "Of course we are very disappointed by this act. A member of our society had crafted this nameboard especially for Kömpel Halt. He had invested a fair amount of voluntary hours of labour in it."

Station Nameboard Of 'Kömpel' HaltStation Nameboard Of 'Kömpel' Halt

As far as can be ascertained, the nameboard was stolen around end of May or early June 2020. The chairman calls on the perpetrator(s) to return the nameboard. For information as to the whereabouts of the nameboard the society put a bounty in the amount of € 50.