Back in April 2017 we had reported that in Denklingen a factory unit had been erected too close to the Wiehltalbahn track. Thus, for the foreseeable future no passenger trains were allowed to run as far as Waldbröl for safety reasons.
Meanwhile, we have made good progress towards the resumption of passenger traffic as far as Waldbröl. By now, the legal proceedings that had to be initiated in this regard could be settled amicably.

The builder of this factory unit, the Upper Berg district (as planning authority), as well as its insurance company, have agreed to cover the costs for the technical solution of this grievance.

This solution provides for so called 'check rails' to be fitted between the Wiehltalbahn rails (see photo) in the exposed area of the too-closely erected factory unit and also constitutes the simplest to implement and the most economical of all safety-related options.
'Check rails' in the underpass below the 'Boxberg roundabout' at Waldbröll
The start of the construction works had already been scheduled for October 22nd, 2018. But the contractors had to postpone the start of the construction works, as the personnel resources designated for this purpose had to be redirected on a short-term basis. The main ICE line between Cologne and Frankfurt was severely damaged after an ICE train caught fire near Montabaur and urgently required repair works. Of course the repair works on a main line have to take priority over the construction works on a museum/tourist line.
The construction works in Denklingen are expected to start as soon as possible after the work on the ICE line is finished. The fitting of the check rails will be a big step forward towards the resumption of passenger traffic as far as Waldbröl.
However, we should not forget that there are still other reasons preventing us from resuming passenger traffic as far as Waldbröl again:
  • In the course of private clearing works by an neighbour of the Wiehltalbahn at Hermesdorf the operating system of the branching points to Morsbach was damaged by a construction vehicle crossing the railway track without our permission. The clarification of the responsibility for the incurred repair charges is still pending.


  • There is damag to the rails in the area of Waldbröl Stn. that need to be fixed first.


  • For the repair work of the points at Hermesdorf, as well as of the rail damages at Waldbröl, we need our work vehicle 'SKL'. The 'SKL' is currently being reconditioned for the due general inspection.

 Our 'SKL' on its way to restoration and general inspection
All these works and furthermore the provision of a suitable vehicle for the train operation are not realisable in a timely manner without significant funds.
Your donation will definitely help us to accelerate the realisation of these projects.