Quotation from his speech on the budget by Mayor Ulrich Stücker (Wiehl), made on December 6th, 2016:

"The town-owned railway line of the Wiehltalbahn leads right through Wiehl's centre.  The course of this line furthermore connects the districts of Weiershagen, Bielstein, the centre of Wiehl and Oberwiehl. The course of this line alone demonstrates the vast town developmental significance of this railway infrastructure for the town of Wiehl."

"We have to accept the corresponding jurisdiction and must assume a long-term preservation of this railway line. One or two may disagree this but it is regarded as more imperative to see the chances that may be coupled with the route of the railway line. There is the opportunity for a utilisation strategy which is more than the occasional tourist train rides. However, this can also only happen collectively and consensually with the railway partners involved."

"On our own initiative we are seeking talks (moderated by the "NRW-Bahnflächengesellschaft (BEG; the railway area organisation of NRW)",to discuss this vast potential for the town and to ascertain the feasibility of eventual discussion regarding possible utilization of the line. It is only common decency to discuss the actual municipal ideas and approaches with the railway partners first. At this point I would like to go no further with these remarks."

You can find the entire speech on the budget for 2017 on the website of the town of Wiehl (German only).