This film project is for the movie version of the bestseller novel 'Auerhaus' by Bov Bjerg, produced by Pantaleon Films Ltd. in co-operation with Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany. The filmscript was written by Neele Leana Vollmar and Lars Hubrich („Tschik“). Neele Vollmar is also the director for this project. Four friends and a promise: Their lives shall not be boring. Therefore Hoeppner, Frieder, Vera and Caecilia decide simply to do all things differently from how they are usually done in the countryside: They move into the 'Auer' (Meadow) house and start a flat-sharing community - under the disapproving eyes of the villagers. They do it to celebrate the moment and to break all rules - but principally to save their mate Frieder from himself, because he has doubts why he should live at all. But how long can the walls of the 'Auer' house protect the magic of this communal family?

On the day of shooting mainly the both main actors Damian Hardung and Max von der Groeben were in action. The railway line in the Wiehl valley was the ideal set for this scene. As the storyline reflects the 1980s a matching train was required. Railway operator Andreas Voll from Wiehl could help out here. One of his large diesel locomotives presented in an exemplary manner in the style of the 80s was an impressive subject for this shooting.

Gerhard Mansel of the 'Society For The Preservation Of The Wiehl Valley Railway' was responsible for the co-ordination of the safety issues between the rail operations and the film crew: "This was indeed a very interesting day on the Wiehl Valley Railway line!"

Cinema release of the film is scheduled for early December 2019