Quotation from his speech on the budget by Mayor Ulrich Stücker (Wiehl), made on December 6th, 2016:

"The town-owned railway line of the Wiehltalbahn leads right through Wiehl's centre.  The course of this line furthermore connects the districts of Weiershagen, Bielstein, the centre of Wiehl and Oberwiehl. The course of this line alone demonstrates the vast town developmental significance of this railway infrastructure for the town of Wiehl."

2016 St.Nicholas Rides

 To the delight of many children the popular St.Nicholas rides on the Wiehltalabhn took place this year, too.

 Already for the second time a tour group fom the U.K. rented the steam train of the "Bergischer Löwe" for a ride through the picturesque Wiehl valley. ...

 On October 7, 2016, the new "Boxberg"-roundabout was partially opened with vast participation of local population and celebrities. ...

 Days are lengthening, the weather is inviting us to outdoor activities and people like to go out again. Also on the Wiehltalbahn spring is demonstrating it will prevail over the winter very soon.