The renovation works of the DB on the railway bridge across the Agger brook at Osberghausen have been finished recently.

Unfortunately, the subsequent works around the construction site took longer than anticipated, so that the Wiehl Valley Line (branching from the DB Agger line next to the rebuilt DB bridge) could still not be used in early September, as originally planned.
In the meantime, the construction works affecting to the area of the Wiehltalbahn have now been finished. We have got the commitment that our line will be accessible again from mid of October onwards.

Many years of hard work on the Wiehl Valley Railway line have left clearly recognisable marks. Technical and operational overhaul of our 'workhorse' is urgently needed. Only then can the challenging work for the preservation of the Wiehl Valley Railway line be guaranteed for the future.

In December 2016, as part of his budget speech, Mayor Stücker of Wiehl highlighted the opportunities of the Wiehl valley route in terms of usability that would go well beyond occasional tourist trips. He announced that he would seek a conversation with the railway staff.

The first plans are almost 20 years old. At last the level-crossing barrier has been erected in the town centre of Wiehl. But it is not ready to operate yet. Regardless of the fact that trains only run here occasionally on this branch line, a barrier system like that for high speed lines is prescribed by the regulations.

 Spurred by the 'integrated concept of action', which was worked out for Morsbach last year, the municipality could take ownership of the DB area including the existing railway facilities after years and years of talks on March 3rd, 2017.