Back in April 2017 we had reported that in Denklingen a factory hall had been erected too close to the Wiehltalbahn track. Thus, no passenger trains were allowed to run as far as Waldbröl for safety reasons in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, we advanced a fair way towards the resumption of passenger traffic as far as Waldbröl. By now, the legal proceedings that had to be initialised in this regard could be compounded.

It wasn't until today, October 14th, 2018, that our 'Inauguration Run' of this year's season could take place. Reason for this were construction works of "DB Netz" on the Agger line of RB25 betwen Dieringhausen and Osberghausen, where the Wiehltalbahn line branches. Among other things, the railway bridge in Osberghausen across the Agger stream had to be replaced.

The renovation works of the DB on the railway bridge across the Agger rivulet at Osberghausen have been finished lately.

Unfortunately, the subsequent works in the range of the construction site took longer than anticipated, so that the Wiehl Valley Line (branching from the DB Agger line next to the reworked DB bridge) could still not be used in early September, as originally planned.
Meanwhile, the construction works relating to the range of the Wiehltalbahn have been finished. We got the commitment that our line will be accessible again from mid of October onwards.

Many years of severe duty on the Wiehl valley railway line left clearly recognizable marks. Technics and operative readiness of our 'workhorse' urgently need an overhaul. Only this way the challenging work for the preservation of the Wiehl valley railway line can be guaranteed further on.

In December 2016, Wiehl's mayor Stücker emphasised the chances of the Wiehl valley railwayline with regard to a usability that should go far beyond occasional tourist rides in his budget speech. In doing so, he announced to seek talks with the railwaymen.