First plans are dating back nearly 20 years. Finally the railway gate has been erected in the town centre of Wiehl. But it is not ready-to-operate yet. Regardless of the fact that trains do just sporadically run here on this branch line, a barrier system like for high speed lines is prescribed by the regulations.

Walter Zienow, vice-chairman of the 'Society For The Preservation Of The Wiehl Valley Railway' and operating manager of the 'Rhine-Sieg-Railway (RSE)' assumes the the system will be finished up before the end of this year and can be put into operation after the certification by the Federal Railway Office (EBA). A specialist company already did the wiring that is required for the railway gates and the traffic signals. Just the points in both directions still have to be converted. Also the pedestrian crossing at the Homburger road shall get a half-barrier again.

The realisation of the this project took so long, as the rail administrations permanently came up with new requirements, Zienow explained.

In the meantime the town of Wiehl continues to work on their plans for a more intense touristic utilisation of the Wiehl valley line. Head of the building department, Maik Adomeit, says: "We put our trust in the opportunities that can result from the subsidies of the 'Regionale 2025' funding programme."

Source: 'Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger' of October 26th, 2017