Many years of severe duty on the Wiehl valley railway line left clearly recognizable marks. Technics and operative readiness of our 'workhorse' urgently need an overhaul. Only this way the challenging work for the preservation of the Wiehl valley railway line can be guaranteed further on.

Members of the preservation society already invested extensive work in the preservation of the vehicle in the past. In the absence of an own hall this was done in Waldbröl under the open sky. Related to the general inspection of the vehicle (required in a six-year cycle) there are now workings pending that cannot be realised under such conditions. Now a weatherproof hall, special equipmewnt, as well as the guidance and collaboration of DB-railwaymen are required.

Transfer of the 'SKL' by lorry

Therefore it was agreed with our cooperating railway infrastructure company, the Rhine-Sieg-Railway (RSE), to transfer the maintenance vehicle 'SKL' from Waldbröl to the railway workshop in Bonn-Beuel for the general inspection. For several reasons, the transport could only be carried out by lorry. Of course we as railwaymen were not very happy with this decision.

For such transports there are special lorries with appropriate lifting devices. Unfortunately, such a vehicle was not available in the immediate hinterland in the midterm. To be able to conduct the transport nonetheless as economically as possible, the preservation society requested a variety of companies to to make an offer based on an catalog of requirements and technics. This resulted in an collaboration with Dornseiff, a company with a grasp for the objective and capability of the preserving society.

Meanwhile our maintenance vehicle 'SKL' arrived at the railway workshop for a technical and optical overhaul. Members of the preservation society already started the works. Any kind of support is welcome - be it as co-helper (Info-phone: +49 2264 1418) or with an donation (IBAN: DE 55 3846 2135 1005 5550 15; Reference: SKL). This will help to make our 'workhorse' operational again as fast as possible. We will make progress reports on this subject here on our webpage.