Results of the working groups and next steps

In March 2017, the first of three workshops altogether up to now, took place. Participants: Wiehl's mayor Stücker, deputy mayor Adomeit, representatives of the 'Society For The Preservation Of The Wiehl Valley Railway' and of the 'Dieringhausen Railway Museum'. The redevelopment agency for railway areas of North Rhine-Westphalia moderated the intensive talks.
The interim result includes three fields of action:
  • As an incentive for the touristic component the technical feasibility and financing of a cycleway beside the Wiehl valley railway line shall be further examined. This also includes the approach to convert the trackbed to allow bicycle traffic on it while maintaining rail traffic without restrictions.
  • Another thought allows for the operation of rail trolleys between Bielstein and Waldbröl. Both ideas provide good leisure-time activities and the distance is convenient for rail trolley rides.
  • For an increased utilization of the Wiehl valley line as a link between the adjacent communities, citizens’ trains running according to schedules are planned. Furthermore, alternative drive systems shall be put to the test with the respective vehicles.

The results of the workshops will be further discussed in a meeting of the mayors of the adjacent communities and with the attendance of the redevelopment agency for railway areas of North Rhine-Westphalia. Within the scope of the infrastructure support measure 'Regionale 2022/205' the project could be realised.